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The first Hashinger Hall Reunion took place April 16-18, 2004, in conjunction with Spring Arts Week, April 16-24 at Hashinger. The event brought together some past and present residents of Hashinger Hall. Reunion activities were concentrated on one weekend, to make it easier to attend in person. We will also be posting a virtual version of the Art Show that took place.

Hashinger Hall, 2003

Hashinger Alumni on Facebook

former Hashies chat at the reunion

We are interested in having another reunion in the future. In the meantime, we are interested in opportunities for past and present residents to share discussion and inspiration of what it takes to make the arts a part of your life and community.

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Please email or phone us if you'd like more information, or can help locate other former Hashies. To email, . To phone, call 785-749-1356.

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This site is created and maintained by Brad Levy (www.bradlevy.com), a former Hashinger Hall resident, to foster communications between past and present residents of Hashinger Hall, and help publicize Hashinger Hall events. This site is not sponsored by or directly affiliated with the University of Kansas, although some of the events listed are.
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