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Hashinger will close at the end of the Spring 2005 semester for renovation. It will reopen in Fall, 2006. Renovations include expansion of the theatre and public spaces, among other things. You can read more about it in this University Daily Kansan article.

I'm glad to see that steps are being taken to allow current residents to be located together on several floors of McCollum Hall during the renovation, and they will have first priority on the renovated Hashinger.

The future is yet to be written. Give some thought to how the spirit of combining art and community can be fostered, and submit your ideas for this page!

Hashinger Hall, 2003


This site is created and maintained by Brad Levy (www.bradlevy.com), a former Hashinger Hall resident, to foster communications between past and present residents of Hashinger Hall, and help publicize Hashinger Hall events. This site is not sponsored by or directly affiliated with the University of Kansas, although some of the events listed are.
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